Ask any emergency services worker and they will tell you how important it is to have the right piece of equipment to do any  job  efficiently and safely , one that won,t let you down when time matters.  Whether it's a fire hose,a medical  bag , a USAR pack , an ICS  command board , a hand line nozzle or an item of PPE you need it to work first time every time .  

At Red Ant Firequip we are constantly searching for new and innovative items of equipment to make your life easier  and safer at any incident you may encounter.  Equipment for Wildland, Structural , Medical , Road Accident Rescue, USAR, Marine, Aircraft, Defense, Petro Chemical  and Mining emergencies. 
Some of the  trusted brands we represent  are Ally Fire , Coaxsher, Command Concepts  , Conterra, Caldwell, Dyn-Optics,  Fenix , Flare Alert,  Pack Shack ,   Portacone,  Quick Fist,  Scott Aspen, Silva,   
And chances are with over 27 years of fire industry experience behind us you will  get a better mousetrap.