Conterra manufacture a range of innovative  medical packs ,oxygen caddies , ALS and BLS kits ,  medication organisers , IV kits airways kits and   trauma bags  which have all  been designed using feedback  from  professional care givers . They have proven them selves in use in all types of environments and incidents  on all the   continents of the planet . Conterra products have been to Mt Everest and even Antartica   when ease of use  . durabilty ,  function and organisation  are paramount Conterra products must be your  first choice

Techsar Transformer is a unique  pack  which has 3 configurations   , it can be used as   a jump bag ( with shoulder strap) , a fanny pack  or a  load bearing medical vest . In addition it has a removable radio holder which can be carried on your belt . Made in the USA from durable  Cordura  ,  dust and waterproof   zippers with sewn and taped  seams 

Techsar Transformer  as a fanny pack . A hidden waist band allows the  Techsar to carried as  an aid belt  just the ticket when you need to have your hands free  for climbing or carrying other equipment . 

If a backpack must  be worn     a chest harness can be deployed to turn Techsar into a load bearing medical vest capable of carring all  your BLS equipment. The outside of the  front compartment has  a  trauma shear tunnel , clear window for name or agency ID , a bellows pocket ,  a removable radio holder and small lower compartment  for your personal needs

Techsar,s side compartments can  be used for diagnostics  or CPR items    whilst the main compartment has 12 loops and 4 pockets for optimum BLS organization . Cord locks   can be  adjusted  to allow  how far the main compartment  opens.   

 The Infinity Pro  modular medical kit is designed to hold your ALS or BLS supplies . two large compartments hold IV / airway gear and   trauma supplies . The other side of the Pro unzips to reveal  a padded pocket which can be customised  and is great for holding  medications  ,  it  even has  a fold away  waist belt for a hands free carry .

Infinty Pro shown open  with optional MOS organiser components

The Infinity Expedition medical  kit  has been designed for those who need to travel light and fast it can be customised with any of the MOS components  and has  waist belt for a hands free carry

up to 4 optiional small or medium organisers can be added to the Infinity  Expedition as fold out pockets

Infinity Jump 2 is an Aero Medical Trauma bag made from fliud proof Si-Tex  vinyl with a replacable abrasion  bottom shield . comes complete with 4 organiser pockets and can accept Conterras O2 caddy

Infinity Jump with one side opened to show its interior colour coded pockets and movable dividers .Opening from the top makes Infinity Jump simple to access in the confined space of any aircraft   

ALS Exteme is the largest Aero medical / rescue pack in the Conterra range . it comes with a fold out  suspension system  ( which is the same one used on  their mountain rescue packs ), the two rear pockets swing out to the sides for easy access to the main pack

ALS Exteme shown open with side pockets swung away and Conterras  optional Infinity Pro modular medical kit inside  . The inside of the ALS Exteme is lined with Velcro fabric with can be customised with any of the range of Conterras MOS components and comes complete with movable internal dividers

 Flightline Aero medical pack uses a  removable a SAM splint as its frame , fold out wing pockets and can be customised with Conterras optional organisers  For those small to medium ALS kits

Flightline aero medical pack  shown open,with optional MOS components . If  you need  to work in the dark  conterras optional internal EMS lite can be fitted

 Flightline Ultra is a purpose built aero medical pack  which is big enough to carry a D O2 cylinder , it has  a fold away back pack suspension  ,  a shoulder strap which is hidden when not needed , a tear away trauma pouch  and  can  be customised using  the Conterra range of med organisers  Removable SAM splints are used as the Ultra,s frame

Flightline Ultra opens quickly and easily to allow fast  access , made of Cordura  and Ballistic Nylon  it comes with Conterras lifetime warranty .

Responder 1 Medic Bag  is the smallest in the responder range and is made entirely from  tough  Sitex fluid proof fabric  for easy decon .  It has 10 internal pockets ,  17 elastic loops  and 2 removable dividers to organize all your first aid gear . If thats not enough it also has a hideaway waist belt for  when you have to climb ladders etc .

Responder 2 Medic  Bag is made from the same tough durable  materials as the Responder 1 and has  11 pockets , 14 elastic loops and 3 removable dividers  to keep your first aid  supplies  organized . It  has a hideaway waist  belt  for when you need to walk , climb or work hands free 

Reponder 4 is Conterras largest  ambulance bag  made from fluid proof Si-Tex fabric ( they make  river rafts from it ! ) with large #10 YKK zippers ( the best zippers available )  all seams are taped and over sewn .  Can be carried in 3 configurations ( back pack , shoulder strap or handle )  and is compatable with  Conterras  M.O.S  internal organizing systems

Conterras PRO-2 oxygen caddy designed to carry  an alloy D cylinder on top with a bottom compartment for basic airway tools

Elastic strip units are velcro backed and can be used to customise any of the M,O.S compatable kits  . 5 different colour cordinated  sizes hold shears ,  rolled bandages , airways ,  preloads ,  torchs or just about any thing. Loops can be replaced as elastic wears out  or bag layouts are altered or up dated

Small clear fronted zippered  organizers( 150 x 225mm) in 4 colours (blue , red , yellow or black)  suitable for use in  any of the M.O.S compatable kits., Velcro backed great for small  dressings , medications etc

 Clear fronted Medium organizers come in 3 colours ( orange , green and black )and are the same width and length  (150 x225mm) as the small organisers but are 40mm deep ,they are also velcro backed and have velcro closure

 Conterra,s Triple  X  strap system  has twelve overlapping  Velcro straps  that quickly  and securely immobilses a spine injured patient to any spine board  , Comes with to its own zippered case which can be attached to a back board  

Med Pro medication kit is king when it comes to keeping your medications organised and quickly accessable .  A fold out inner module  has 15  padded pockets and is protected by a Corex plastic backing .The pack sits open when unzipped and has provision for  both large and small syringes as well 250ml solution bags

 The Conterra IV kit is made from heavy duty  cordura and lined with polar fleece for use in adverse or cold conditions . It has a  full length clear vinyl window for fluid monitoring  and split bottom for ease of use . 50mm x 125mm x 300mm

Ad Wrap shown open  and attached to conterra Iv kit ,  there are pockets or loops  for tubes ,  drip lines  , wipes   and  gauze bandages 300 x 450mm 

Ad Wrap shown positioned around  the Conterra IV kit . Keeps IV fliuds and every thing you need   to start and maintain a line  together  ready to go

Conterra,s EMS/Rescue light  will attach  to a hat , clip board , pack or slide into your pocket . A red and white LED have a 4 function switch  red for night vision  white  , strobe flash or a  combination of both.   A useful  bit of gear for when you are reading or writing especially in a vehicle

Conterras EMS light and light stalker a handy light inside your medical kit

Patrol 1 aid belt  is the smallest in the Conterra range its   interlocking internal pocket system allows  you to carry more medical gear.  than most other types of first aid  belts . It has a large # 10 YKK zipper and 4 elastic loops for better organisation

Patrol 3 aid belt has 5 intermal dividers  and 14 elastic keepers  a bottom pocket which  is large enough to carry an range of ET tubes .  Two small wing pockets on the waist strap hold gloves, wipes or face shields .Cordura back panel and  a pebbled waist band ensure Patrol 3 is stable when skiing ,walking or running  

New! Rip Shear Firefly are  the worlds fastest shear  when seconds count accessing an injury or wound site . Designed  and tested by  US Navy Seals  Rip Shear bolts on to most trauma shears . Two  440A stainless steel cutting blades are   enclosed in a strong  nylon  housing which can be autoclaved .

Rip Shears shown attached  to trauma shears Fireflies glow in the dark properties means you never loose your shears again !  Can be supplied  with or without shears

NEW! "Squid" is a single use suction device that is specifically designed for when space is at a premium it has no batteries and requires no maintenance . Deploy by pulling the suction tube out to its full length , a suprising amount of suction  can be generated by squeezing  the bulb . Squid has a generous resevoir with a filter valve  and a  bio hazard label .