Conterra medical 2

The Conterra Ready Pack has 2 small outside pockets  for trauma shears  , gloves ,  mask  and a small  torch . the large main pocket is big enough for  a smock  , goggles  and  a stethoscope . It even has a  built in adjustable radio holder  

The Trauma Pro radio holster can be adjusted to fit any size radio ( both thickness and height) and will in addition hold nitrile gloves .alcohol wipes , spring loaded centre punch , trauma shears , pen  and a  mini torch . All of this in one small compact pouch that sits flat if you do  not have radio in it  ,  never drop your radio again !

Tube Pro Deluxe is the largest and most comprehensive intubation kit Conterra make .it will carry both adult and Ped equipment and has the ability to be hung from the  side of  a plane or vehicle . 

Tube Pro Deluxe shown in the hanging position  gives  quick and easy access to all your intubation equipment

NEW! Responder Pro Medic Bag is made from tough fluid proof Si-tex  fabric  , lined with Veltrex fabric ( which accepts any of th MOS orgianisers) Responder Pro can be easily  configured to your changing needs  No 10 coil zippers and  a fliud proof handles on the top and side . Lastly  Responder Pro  has shoulder straps  and a  waist belt for a hands free carry

Responder Pro comes with two moveable pockets and  a  set of  moveable dividers . Many configurations are possible , here Responder Pro is shown with extra pockets and loops

NEW! VSB Vacuum immobilizer  is filled with polyethylene  beads which are compartmentalised so they don,t need to be re distributed . It comes with a built in Pelvic binder  and has movable handles which can be removed for ease of cleanning  Available in a  1.82m ( 26.4kg) or 2.1m ( 28.6kg)model 

VSB immobilizer comes with a robust  vacuum pump and  has a simple and easy to use valve system   comes with either a  cube storage case 300 x 508 x 559mm or a 178mm x 635 x 965mm long case