Conterra manufacture specialized Technical rescue and medical bags, packs and related emergency products, and will not make a product unless they can make it better than a competitor product.
Conterra bags open with as few operations as possible and are all sewn in the USA utilizing only the highest quality materials available.and of course come with a lifetime guarantee

Tool chest is designed for use by technicians or medics who  want to carry a radio and a range of tools .Adjusts to fit any size radio ,  small  lower pockets for gloves , pen torch  and a multi tool with dividers and loops in the main compartment , optional clip on Roo pouch available for extra capacity. If you work in Film or Television production  this is  the one ! 

Double Adjusta Pro radio harness is a must  for any one who needs to carry two radios or a radio a mobile phone or a GPS both pockets can be adjusted for girth and depth .There is a centre pocket  for extra items and a small pouch for the new 4 function EMS light  ,  And for those who need  to carry more the optional  Roo pouch can be quickly  attached

Roo pouch is the  easy way to increase the carrying capacity of either the Tool Chest or Dble Adjusta Pro . It has a heavy YKK zipper on the front  and two belt loops on the back( can be worn on your belt ) . Quick and convenient to  add on or take off .

 The  Tranciever pouch was designed to carry  an avalanche transceiver on the Tool Chest or Dble Adjusta Pro  but  is  also a great way to increase carrying capacity of either harness ,  simple to attach  easy to use



Omni radio  holster adjusts to fit just about any radio and has a snap stud flap to enable easy fitting to a belt or harness

Multi Tach  attaches to the Omni holster and allows it to attach to almost any thing  a pack , rescue harness , forklift ,or  heavy equipment as tempory radio holster

The LS pack is designed as a first response pack to carry first aid supplies or a defribulator  a hydration bladder ( optional)  and a top pocket which is fitted with a range of loops and pockets  LS can  attach  onto  other  Conterra pack  . The ideal  bike or events  pack ! 

Conterra LS response pack shown configured to carry a defibulator. A great option as an BLS events pack



The Pocket Chain saw will cut a 75mm dia limb in 10 seconds flat and then stow away into its metal tin . Small enough to fit in your pocket fast enough to get the job done quickly . Useful for USAR teams ,  land search teams   hikers and campers  . A great inclusion in any technical rescue kit compact , light and will remove those troublesome branchs when setting up  

Edgebot ® is a compact lightweight edge  roller  which works on armco  railings , logs , rocks , guardrails , parapits or anywhere friction needs to be eliminated and ropes protected.  Edgebots can be linked together quickly and simply with 8.0mm cord  and  wgh only  175gms ea   ( or 330gms with strap) 

Edgebots "crampon teeth" lock onto  the top of this Armco railing keeping it from slipping  

Edgebot  optional  Rail Roller strap shown  set up on a guardrail . Built with a  cobra quick release buckle  ,  4 steel screw links and  a velcro frapping strap .

Conterra Fix litter harness weighs just 400g , fits in the palm of your hand and can  be multi configured . comes with its own storage pouch which can be attached to your litter .

Conterras  speed loop  is rated at 36KN and is  a simple fast way of setting up an anchor around a tree or post  , wrap around an anchor as many time as needed and thread through the metal eye and your done !  2 lengths 1.2m or 1.8m available

the Conterra Slider rope guard  is thicker and stonger than other brands and has 4 inner layers of cotton canvas for long life protection for your ropes and  an outer coating of  tough Si -tex ( used for making river rafts ) fabric  250mm x 600mm

Conterra,s Slider rope guard can be used as an edge guard for rapelling or as a travelling egde protecter which moves down with a litter and is  tied off when a rough surface is encountered

Conterra,s Technical Rope Rigging Guide measures 100mm x 170mm and is compact enough for carry in you pocket . It is  jammed packed with over 500 clear illustrations on 96 pages showing basic knots , anchors , helo rescue ,  reference tables and photos . All   printed on  storm proof tear resistant paper

page from the 2nd edition rope rigging guide

New!  Techsar rigging pack was originally designed exclusively  for Conterra instructors  now its  available to anyone ! Two reinforced see through center sections hold webbing and round cord . a central spine with movable tabs for your most used gear and two fold out wings one   (  holds 10 carabiners ) and the  other is a pulley caddy   available  in 3 colours red , black and blue ( mainline , belay and edge  ) truly a marvel of organization
Techsar rigging pack shown zipped up with provision to hold a rope guard  . there are two external carry handles and a bandolier strap which form half of a carry harness when joined with the rope bag module   

This  inspired  rope bag  is specifically  designed to work with the Techsar rigging pack . it will seamlessly attach to the rigging bag , rope capacity is 67m of 12mm or 100m or 11mm  also available in three colours it has a clear external  pocket for  your  rope log  

Both the rope module and the rigging pack shown joined together  they can be carried as back pack or a duffel bag  

A useful utility  rigging pouch that will hold an AZTEK kit , a full set of Purcell Prussics and carabiner.  While on the outside  a set of trauma shears  and  a  velcro keeper for your  rope gloves or a pulley system . It can be clipped to harness or worn on a belt

Conterras  new Reach rope rigging pack carries 100m x 12.5 rescue rope  and has two side pockets with dividers and organizers to carry pulleys , karabiners etc
If thats not enough it has padded hideaway shoulder straps  and  2 reinforced  grab handles  

Reach.s side paniers  shown open  with storage pionts for biners , pulley blocks ,webbing etc  the  centre divider can be removed for easier  access . Reach is a great pack for storing and deploying all your swift water rescue kit

Conterra,s  reach rope bag can be teamed with LS meds/ hydration pack . If you have to walk in hauling gear make your life easier by  taking only one pack  

New! The Conterra Hitch Plate answers the question of where and how to anchor  your rigging when performing a  vehicle based rope rescue . It quickly and simply slots into any 2 " vehicle tow bar receiver . Hitch Plate is  the fast ideal anchor when  working at heights , on roofs  , performing a vehicle based rescue  , or  changes of direction    

Hitch Plate is CNC machined from solid billet aluminium and  has 5  large rigging holes . Passed to NFPA 1983 ( 2012 Ed) it has a 50 KN MBS. Its ease of use and strength make Hitch Plate the perfect road side rescue anchor.

To be used for road side rescue only not to be  used for vehicle recovery or towing   

Hitch Plate comes complete with its own padded  protective case  and both a captive pin and cotter

NEW! These technical rescue gloves  provide hand protection and finger dexterity at its best  The triple layered palm gives maximum protection while the spandex back , elastic cuff and ergonomic design  provides the dexterity   

NEW!  Sherpa is a rescue platform which enables any rescue team to customize  what you need to complete your tasking . Based on Conterra ,s eight piont suspension expedition  harness it has a central load bay  which will accept rope & hardware bags , water or fuel jerry cans , hard cases,  a trauma bag & O2 caddy  or the  new Conterra vacuum immobilzer.

Sherpa  will quickly and simply  accept a variety of equipment  ,  a top pocket to carry headlamps  energy bars , hats etc  and  a bottom pocket   for your personal gear , both pockets have waterproof zippers . If you need to carry rescue or medical gear  away from your vehicle  over long distances Sherpa is the answer .