Below are items of equipment guaranteed to make your life safer and easier when you train or are on the job.
If it's fighting a wildfire, doing a line search, working at an MVA, implementing a search plan at  a USAR incident or working on a structural fire, one or more of these items from a range of trusted makers will prove useful.
For more information on these or any other related items please contact us.

Portacone Pro collapsible traffic cones have 4 internal led lites which can be set on flash or constant , a heavy rubber base ,  come in sizes 500mm or 750mm  just the  thing for command or support vehicles when space is tight

Super bright Beacon Pro (220 lumens) are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used for MVA beacons , water piont markers ,turn in  markers  and  helo landing zone markers  available in five colours 

 Can your road flare  do this ?  Crush resistant Beacon Pro withstands a 9 tonne drive over and keeps on working !

NEW! up rated  KBS  Responder LED right angle   torch  now has  220 lumens of light with a 490 m beam reach . Intrinsically safe  ( class 1 div 1 UL listed ) waterproof  to 1 metre and drop resistant 

Run time of up to 17 hours  on 6 ea AA alkaline batteries , metal clip  with a compact low profile design and  the largest reflector on the block ! Made in the USA  Makes this  Right angle  the one to beat ! .



 Australian made Scott Aspen  structural fire  helmet is  tested and certified to AS 4067 -1994. Supplied with conex neck curtain and a 100mm polycarbonate visor , a range of colours ( white, red ,yellow, blue, black  or lime green ) is available.  Reflective strips , marking or helmet names can also be supplied    

 NEW! TAG structural fire gloves are a triple layered glove which  are tested and certified to AS 2161  type 3. They have a micro porous barrier which keeps your hands dry long knitted wool/ kevlar cuff with pull piont and are stitched with Kevlar thread . You only have one pair of hands !

Fire Awareness Awards winner 2012   One Key hose and hydrant spanner   is now even better . Lifts ground ball covers , turns on'  L' type and pillar hydrants , uncouples  52,65,75.90,100,125mm Storz couplings , breaks  forestry couplings and CFA/ MFB/  couplngs   . New kinked end  makes picking up One Key   with a gloved hand a breeze !.  Replaces up to 4 spanners  Don,t get get off the truck with the wrong  spanner ever again .



FatIvan the worlds first folding door chock is now available in Australia . It can be hooked over the hinge  or a fixed to the metal hinge plate via its  magnets  . Simple ,  positive and compact . folds up when not in use ,  one handed opening for quick and easy use

Simple one handed  positive operation , unlike  other chocks  Fat Ivan  can,t be kicked or knocked out  by  hose .

Magnetic Fat Ivan folded and  used as a  block on the  hinge  plate

Fenix TK75 is a high performance search light made from annodised alloy with a toughened anti reflective glass lens . 4 brightness levels  18,400, 1100, and a massive 2600 lumens in turbo mode . beam throw is over 600 m.

Waterproof to Ipx-8 ( 2m immersion) it is powered by 4ea 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries . batteries can be recharged from a car socket or 240V . charger and batteries available 

NEW!  A high intensity beam from a small compact torch  860 lumens from 4 CR123A lithium batteries .  4 brightness levels ( 15 , 120 , 365, 860 lumens   ) 2 flashing modes SOS and  strobe . beam reach on turbo 340 m  Packed into a machined alloy case waterproof to  IPX-8 (  submerged up to 2m ) weight 275gm w/out batteries  165mm Lx 44MM dia  hardened glass lens . comes with a belt holster 


NEW! Fenix TK60 has  an 800 lumen max  output and  runs on 4 D  alkaline cells . With 4 brightness levels of 10,111 , 350, and 800 lumens  and a max run time of up to 400hr ( depending on brightness) the TK60 is ready for any thing you can throw at it  Waterproof to IPX -8 ( 2m immersion ) and max beam reach of 476M  it makes a great upgrade for that old d cell torch  

Fenix MC11 runs on 1 AAA battery has a flexible head which  has a 90 deg range. clips onto your pack , clothing or clip board  for hands free use .  a beam throw of 87m and 3 brightness levels  3 ,39,81 lumens , waterproof to ipx-8. run time is up to 53 hours depending brightness. made from machined anodised aluminium c/w a toughened  anti reflective glass lens

NEW!  520 lumens from a 4AA LED  torch is high performance in any ones language  . All alloy water proof case to IPX-8 and a  beam throw of approx 200m.  4 brightness levels ( 5 , 80 , 190, 520 lumens ) and 2 flashing modes ( SOS and  flash ) weighs 180gms not including batteries  175mmL x 40mm dia  comes with a webbing belt pouch .For those who want a  tough torch that can reach out  Fenix LD41 

 The Fenix RC40  is a  powered by a rechargeable  lithium  battery which can be charged from either 240 V or  a 12V car adapter . Use able features like a built in fuel gauge tell you  when its  time to recharge  , 5 brightness settings for any job (35,150,550,1500, & 3500 lumens)  and a strobe and SOS setting . Water resistant to IPX-6. Weighs 1310 grams c/w battery . run time up to 160h depending on  brightness levels  comes c/w shoulder strap

The Fenix  RC 40  has unique rapid scan beam   which couples a long throw  centre beam and a 90 deg spread for  close coverage . maximum beam throw in  ( 3500 lumen turbo  mode ) is a 710 metres . In situations when brightness and beam throw are needed ( search and rescue , hunting , camping etc ) the RC40 is unbeatable  

NEW! Rescue Dummies provide a durable realistic " casualty " for a wide variety of training scenarios . Made from  a tough durable fire retradant PVC impregnated fabric and  are stuffed with ground rubber , foam and lead ingots , they do not increase in weight when wet . Infant  & juvenile models are  available  and different colours and customs welghts can be  supplied . Nom height 1.8M Nom weight 40 - 45 Kgs

Unlike other training dummies rescue dummies have a chin and a nose  which facilitates the fitting of a 'C' collar or O2 mask   for EMR , RAR or first aid training . They bend at the knees and waist and have shoulder handles for ease of positioning .

 Ally  Fire select flow handline  nozzles  are constant   flow nozzles which have flows of : model 710(19,37,90,  150 lpm) or the model  711 (50 ,100,150 ,230lpm) ideal for rural fire fighting especially blacking out or were water is at a premium . 1" swivel inlet , can be used on high pressure reels at up to 40 bar  , works well with  A class foam,  5 year warranty  suits   19mm , 25mm or 38mm hose

Ally Fire   715 select flow handline nozzle is a superb all rounder  with flows of 115 , 230 , 360 or 475 LPM it is equally at home tackling structural or rural fires . 11/2 bspf swivel inlet  and s/s spinning teeth . works well with A class foam optional foam aspirating tube available 5 year warranty  suits 38mm hose

Ally Fire 722 select flow handline  nozzle  can deliver flows of 360,475,550, 750  LPM for those larger structural fires or hazmat incidents  suited for 45mm and 51mm hoses    11/2 bspf swivel inlet  and s/s spinning teeth  5 year warranty  optional foam tube available

 Ally Fire 725 select flow handline  nozzle  can deliver flows of 360,475,550, 750 or 950 LPM for those large structural fires or hazmat incidents    21/2 bspf swivel inlet  and s/s spinning teeth  5 year warranty  optional foam tube available

When your handline  nozzle needs some attention   because of a hard life or  mistreatment Red Ant    can   restore them to good health  fast .   Nozzles are such an important item of equipment don,t get caught with  one that won,t work properly .  Protek  , Ally and Akron nozzles  repaired

 Ally Fire range of  clip on foam tubes  are light weight and simple to fit any of the complete range of  select flow handline nozzles  #981 fits 710,711,712,  #982 fits 715 #983 fits 722 #984 fits 725

  Ally Fire 315 gated  wye  can be used to split the flow of a 64mm  hose into 2 x  38mm . made from powder coated light alloy weighs only 1.9kg. Ideal for use in high rise attack packs 

Ally Fire  910 alloy  inline  foam inductor 11/2 bspf swivel  inlet x 11/2bspm outlet 475lpm flow can be set at 1/4,1/2 1, 3 or 6 %. Comes with a 1m hose and pick  up tube  also available in marine brass

Ally Fire  808 ground monitor  can be deployed as a first attack ground monitor stable enough to use one up or  unattended . Capable of delivering up to 1900 LPM ,  fast , effective safe knockdown for that big job or hazmat incident  built in flow improver ( shown fitted with the 606 constant flow nozzle ) 

 Ally Fire 808 constant flow alloy nozzle  has an adjustable spring loaded baffle  which allows the flow rate to be pre set to either 950 , 1400 , 1900 , 2900  LPM  21/2bspf inlet c/w built in flow straightener

Ally  Fire  725  select flow tip  can be matched to the 808 monitor delivering flow rates that are better suited to pump ontputs of larger tankers  21/2 bspf inlet flows of 360,475,550,750,950LPM @700 kpa inlet

 Ally Fire 808 constant flow  brass nozzle  has an adjustable spring loaded baffle  which allows the flow rate to be pre set to either 950 , 1400 , 1900 , 2900  LPM  21/2bspf inlet c/w built in flow straightener for extra reach . ideal for use with fixed station monitors

Ally Fire 2484 brass station monitor has a 21/2 bspm outlet and is suited to flows of up to 4800LPM  at 14 bar 3 "ANSI inlet flange  with traverse and rotation friction locks can be supplied with an optional pressure gauge  shown with 2606 brass nozzle

Ally Fire 2868  fixed industrial fire monitor  is contructed from powder coated bronze  . it has a full 3"waterway which allows flows up to 4800LPM @14 bar  a gear driven elevation  with a  3 or 4" ANSI flange inlet  with a 21/2bspm outlet  shown with the 2606 brass nozzle