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QUICK FIST clamps make it easy to mount tools and equipment on any vehicle, boat or caravan.  With the Quick Fist range of clamps you can effectively clamp just about any thing.  7 sizes in the range clamp objects from 12mm in Dia to 381mm in Dia.
Quick Fist has uses on fire appliances, rescue trucks, ambulances , police vehicles, caravans, boats, farm machinery , 4wd vehicles, defense equipment, utilities vehicles and tradies  utes or vans . Quick fist clamps are just as useful helping you get organized in the garage and can even be used as a stand off clamp for wiring or fuel lines.
QUICK FIST Clamps are made in the USA of heavy duty transportation grade rubber and are not affected by extremes of hot, cold, salt spray or UV.  For a lightweight, durable, non rattle, positive locking, non marking, corrosion free, economical clamp your choice is obvious Quick Fist! 

Micro Quick Fist holds objects  from 16mm to 22 mm in dia each clamp has a  safe working load of 6 kgs  mounting footprint is 25mm x 35mm great for holding smaller gear like coupling spanners , torches , fishing rods etc 

Mini Quick Fist holds objects  from 16mm to 32mm in dia each clamp has a  safe working load of 11kgs  mounting footprint is 38mm x 38mm ( 4 holes )great for holding smaller gear like coupling spanners , torches . Two minis are the ideal secure  holders  for that hooligan tool .

Mini Quick Fist  holds a mini maglight perfectly

Standard Quick Fist holds objects 25mm to 45mm in dia each clamp has a safe working load of 23kgs , mounting foot print is 63mm x 19mm ( single 10g bolt or screw) they do a great job of holding axes , shovels , spades , high lift jacks , sledge hammers , lolly pop signs  brooms etc

Two quick Fist clamps  hold an axe three will hold a high lift jack

Standard Quick Fist holds  a shovel  firmly no rattles or damage to the shovel

XL Quick Fist holds equipment up to 381mm in dia and has a safe working load of 68kgs  mounting area is 2 x 51mm x 51mm holds  jerry cans , cutters , spreaders , chain saws , dive cylinders ,  oxy or actylene bottles

Hold a jerry can full of fuel or water  without marking of damaging it and no rattles to boot  sure Quick fist XL can !

Nozzle Quick Fist holds objects 70mm to 83mm in dia each clamp has  a  safe working load of 23kgs , mounting foot print is 113mmx 32mm . Excellent for also holding l.1 or .9 kgs dry powder extinguishers

Nozzle Quik Fist shown clamping a pistol grip handline nozzle

Super Quick Fist hold objects from 64mm  to 240mm in dia  each clamp has safe working load of 23kgs( 2 clamps support 45kgs) mounting foot print is  152mm x 22mm (3 x 10g bolts or screws)  Just the thing to hold 9 Litre water and 4.5kg dry powder extinguishers

Super Quick Fist will hold  a 9L water extinguisher or  can be trimed to hold the smaller  4.5 kg dry powder extinguishers , Super Quick Fist works well with dive tanks or oxy cylinders too.

Super Quick Fist being used to hold dive tanks . Non marking ! Non Rattle !  and Non corrisive

 Go Between  Quick Fist clamp holds object between 44mm to 73mm dia , has a safe working load of 23kgsper clamp  and a mounting foot print of 89mm x 25mm : mounts with 2 x  6 mm bolts  and holds all those items too big for the standard quick fist clamp  or even several items bundled together .

 Long Arm Quick Fist  holds objects from 13mm to 114mm each clamp has a  safe working load of 23kgs , mounting footprint of 38mm x 114mm designed to hold bundled tools , coiled items (  air hose, ext cords etc )   or what ever else you can think of  

New !  Hose coupling  clamp Ideal for holding any size Storz adaptor above 64mm gives you quick and easy access to all of your storz adaptors  . Mounts with 2 x 6mm screws in each of the 3 sections

 Quick Fist Clamps are a mounting block and a clamp in one , layout and fitting is made so much  easier .  See how  various Quick Fist clamps have  been easily and  cost effectivly used to fit out the inside of this heavy salvage pod . Give you any ideas ?

New !  Quck Fist  self contained ratchet clamp .  Holds tools and equipment  from 13mm to 203mm. ideal for dive tanks , O2  cylnders , fire extinguishers , hi lift jacks or gas bottles . Made from glass filled nylon with 900Kg test webbing .   Mounts with 3  screws 17cm x 6cm mounting foot print : easy one finger release