We see what others don't  !  Red Hawk and Fire Finder are both compact hand held thermal scanners that will work just as effectively in full sunlight or in a smoke logged building giving them Wildfire, Structural and Industrial capabilities.
Dyn-Optics designed Red Hawk and Fire Finder specifically for hotspot detection with patented Smart Sight technology which provides a higher contrast ratio (up to 1000x greater) than a thermal imaging cameras (TICS).  This means faster, more reliable hot spot detection and unlike TICS, the ability to see through glass.
The  Red Hawk 955L comes with a built in laser pointer to enable easy indication of hot spots or fires, other structural applications include pin pointing a heat source or fire in a smoke logged room, identifying the presence of invisible flames from a chemical or alcohol  fire in sunlight, locating overheating electrical components, and during salvage and overhaul to make sure everything is really  out.
The Fire Finder  955 W (no laser pointer) is unsurpassed as a blackout tool working in full sunlight the Red Hawk scanner can quickly and efficiently locate hotspots or embers (even if no smoke is being given off).  Reduces the amount of time and water used in  blacking out (typically by up to 30%), cover more ground faster with more certainty, ensure that  the fire is really out and  that you will not be called back do the job again or tackle a re- ignition.
Both models of  are small enough to be carried in your coat pocket and run on 4 easily available AA alkaline batteries  with a battery life of up to 100hours Red Hawk stays on the job.  No training or calibration is needed and they cost a lot less money than a TIC!

Red Hawk 955L & Fire Finder 955W  hand held thermal scanners  are about the size of a 2D torch and weigh only 430gms , they are housed in  a tough machined alloy case and are water resistant . Both Red Hawk models are intrinsically safe  and   detect temperatures over 90deg C .  They   emit a high pitched tone proportionate to  temperature when a heat source is  pinpionted .

Red Hawk 955L  has a built in  laser pionter  and comes with a  water proof hard storage case, retractable lanyard  and belt pouch . Designed for use in structural or industrial  applications  when hotspots need to be located fast ! 

Fire Finder 955W is a superb mop up tool , light easy to use  and  will work all day long  in full sunlight .  Powered by 4 AA batteries which give up to a 100 hours use  . Simple and easy to use , cover ground a lot faster and safer than a TIC( no screen to watch ) no training is needed ,  Fire Finder will help you use less water and make sure its  really out ! 

                      Be sure its out !
 Change the way you black out , save time , water and man hours with the  Fire Finder 955L                      

  Red Hawk,s truck mounting bracket keeps you scanner securely mounted and easily accessable .

Red Hawk shown mounted on  its optional vehicle bracket