Wildfire Equipment

 the  Ranger 3 is just one of the  compasses in the Silva product range  ,  base plate or  sighting there is one  to suit your needs  

Silva ADC Pro weather meter measures all of the usual parameters has a  built in compass and even data logs  at presettable intervals easy to use and easy to maintain

Silva ADC pro Infa red link for transferring logged data to lap top

the worlds loudest whistle Tornado is  a must have for USAR , land  search and  rope  teams also any   survival kits

 Crew Leaders Knee board measures 200mm x 290mm closed .   Made in the USA from  hard wearing 1000D Cordura fabric with seamed edges all round , tri fold design  with velcro closure keeps contents  secure  available in red or orange . 

 Crew Leaders Knee board interior includes an alloy clip board  , 3  pen and 1 hi lighter loop , zippered pocket to hold tee cards  watchout cards, pocket log books , compass , whistle  . clear pocket to hold maps . 280mm x 500mm open. 50mm elastic thigh  strap keeps knee board in place when writing on the move . A must for strike team briefings .

 Tired of misplacing fuel cards or reciepts ! Fuel card holders  are made from  tough 1000D Cordura and are  just the thing  for keeping  fuel cards , receipts and keys all together . Available in   red  , yellow or orange , perfect for organisations with large vehicle fleets .

  This  Sawyers Tri Fold  tool holder ( 250mm x 125mm closed) holds all the tools and bits you will need to service your chain saw in the field  . Places for spare spark plug , files  , handles ,spare chain rags , file guide and scrench .   Too easy

Fighter " swimmer style " wildfire goggles have a thick foam surround for maximum  all day comfort and seal  , scratch resistant poly carbonate lens with an  anti fog coating , a vented body to reduce fogging   and a silcon backed strap  available in both clear and tinted  certified to AS1337-1992 .    These  just might be  the most comfortable widfire  goggles you will ever wear ? 

   Frontline  wildfire goggles are tested and certified to AS 1337-1992 ( including hot solids)have a  soft cushion face seal for extra comfort and can be worn over glasses.   a  vented top and an anti fog coating  greatly  reduce fogging

NEW! Fortress mesh goggles are perfectly designed for use with chain saws or brush cutters  made with 20 G coated mesh . They provide an excellent solution to fogging problems when working hard . Can be worn over specs and have a positive foam seal  AS and CE tested for high speed particles

NEW! Hornet mesh glasses are fitted with 20G coated mesh and come with a positive foam seal which provides back and side protection from sarf and particles . They  are ideal for use with   brush cutters ,  chainsaws and any situation were fogging is a problem

The Pulaski axe is a combination axe blade and grubbing mattock a versatile compact tool for mopping up . A forged steel head  heat treated to 55 rockwell which is hand sharpened and an  American hickory handle  which is hydraulically seated into the head . wghs 2.5 kg OA lgth .9m   made in the USA

  Wildfire hose lay pack .Made in the USA from 1000 denier Cordura with a  hard wearing double bottom . A zipped compartment holds hydrant key , nozzle, dividing breech  hose strangler or any needed  adapters .  Adjustable shoulder  straps allow this pack to be used feeding from the bottom or the top can be carried on your front   . Holds up to  2 x 38mm x 30m hoses  and 1 x 25mm x 30m hose  or 2 x 25mm x 30m hoses 

Just hook up your coupling and walk out  hose deploys simply and evenly  shown being deployed with the pack in an inverted position .  Hose can be also flaked rather than   coiled . A faster and more efficient way to deploy hose through forest , over logs up hills ,  than bowling hose  

New! Radio holster is   quick to put on or take off . A  3 point adjustable harness holds a single radio and a pen and has a  small zippered pocket for  keys ,  note pad  or wallet .  Antenna loop keeps aerial out of the way , can be worn over or under clothing . Available in black or Hi Vis orange   

NEW! Fenix HL21  is compact headlamp powered by 1 AA battery. it has 3 brightness settings (97 ,41 and 3 lumens ) and an SOS mode . Waterproof to IPX-8  ( submerged for up to 2m) it comes with a flip up diffuser  for close in work or  diffuser down for  a long  93 M beam reach  . Much brighter and more flexible than helmet torches  the HL21 is  an excellent choice for wildfire helmets .

NEW! Fenix HL30 has a unique lens which gives its beam an 85 deg spread with a beam reach of 40 M.  4 brightness settings up to a massive 200 lumens ( 200, 100,45,4 ) and  an SOS mode . It even comes with a red led for preserving your night vision .  Powered by 2 AA batteries it delivers run times of between 1 1/2 hrs and 140 hrs  depending on brightness settings , robust and water resistant to IP-6.  Headlamps don,t snag or  get knocked out of  place and are your  best option for crewing at  night .

New! Fenix HP11  is a superior outdoor headlamp for those of us who need distance and   high output . Its max  brightness of 277 lumens allows you to see up to 154 M away !  With  4 brightness settings ( 277 , 133, 55 and 4 lumens ) and 3 modes ( strobe , SOS and slow flash ) all this from 4 AA batteries .   Comes with a flip down diffuser for close in  work and is waterproof to IP-6

Ally Fire 730 is compact pistol grip single flow forestry nozzle . Single flows  of ( 50 100 150 or 230LPM) can be  preset by changing a baffle washer . Nozzles are constant flow regardless of pattern , 1"bspf swivel inlet  Perfect for slip ons and light tankers 

Ally Fire 735 is  pistol grip single flow forestry nozzle . Single flows  of ( 230 360  or 475LPM) can be  preset by changing a baffle washer . Flows are constant  regardless of pattern , 11/2"bspf swivel inlet 

Ally Fire  model  515 alloy pistol grip shutoff  can used with an optional smooth bore tip or a select flow tip  or even on its own as a CAFS shutoff  11/2 bspf inlet  and a  11/2bspm outlet 

Ally Fire  model 502  smooth bore tip 11/2bspf inlet   tip sizes of 1/2 x 15/16( 12mm x 25mm) is ideal for CAFS  or straight stream forestry use , knocking out snags etc

  Ally Fire  310 gated Forestry Wye is ideal for splitting a 38mm  hose into 2 x 25mm hose when blacking out . Made from powder coated light weight alloy , weighs only 980g   For  when you need to add a length of  hose  or change a nozzle   without losing water .