Coaxsher have always  focused on the  manufacture  of gear which is different, feature rich and innovative, gear which has useful distinctive   features you won,t see on anyone else's, only Coaxshers.
Coaxshers product range has steadily grown to include radio chest packs, modular fire line packs, meds kits, flagging tape dispensers, water bottle carriers, search and rescue packs , USAR packs, rope gear haul packs and wildfire clothing .  Already in use with fire services ,  land management agencies and rescue organizations  in the USA , Canada , Europe , Australia and New Zealand  Coaxsher's products have uses within major event management, the film and television industry, Ski patrols, mining, emergency response teams, rope rescue teams ,  search and rescue and USAR teams.
With an uncompromising approach to maintaining quality and driven by innovation and  customer feed back Coaxshers products continue to lead from the front.

The RP-1 Scout radio harness is  ideal for crew leaders , event management staff , riggers , film crews , crane drivers, trail bike or horse riders , hunters and search teams It has room for one full size radio . a pen , another  pouch suitable for a back up battery , mobile phone . camera or GPS  . A small zippered pocket  holds  keys or a wallet

RP-1 Scout is  designed to fit between backpack straps or a cimbing harness  with a minimal  profile  keeps radio , phone , camera or GPS dry and right were you want them  

Get Organized Get on with the job !
RCP-1 Pro radio chest  harness does it all holding a radio ( adjusts to fit most radios) GPS, weather meter , pens ,maps note pad , spare battery a  mobile phone or a camera . It also has    a  C clip to hold a  mini mag lite a  glo stick holder on the rear  harness and two internal pockets . Pre load it before you start and keep all your necessaries   together within easy reach  

DR-1 Commander  twin radio harness for those who need to carry 2 full size radios ( and get the weight of their belt) , pens, maps , note pad and a spare battery in a safe comfortable pack


One pack many possibilties !
FS-1 Ranger modular fire line pack can be adjusted to comfortably fit almost any body shape with in 2 to 3 minutes , the best RAFT / RAT or hoseline pack on the market . Customize it to suit your needs with any of the range of Coaxsher  accessories Configure it to suit your deployment .    

Coaxshers Mojave has an ergonomically designed suspension system which gives all day comfort and can be adjusted to fit different body shapes its  easy to customise with any of the  Coaxsher accessories  range . Has a hydration case and multiple mounting pionts on the waist belt

The SR-1 modular search and rescue pack is a variant of the FS-1 Fireline pack  . it has a 400 Ci medical kit case under the main pack  10 pockets for easy organisation and   waist belt mounting pionts for flagging tape dispensers water bottle carriers or personal gear pouches . Like the FS-1  its modular and adaptable   for short or long deployments .

SR-1 Recon  USAR or Land search  pack  comes with a 700 Ci main module   a dual flagging tape dispenser a 400 Ci medical case  a 3l hydration case  and the abilty to add extra  modules as the need may arise .   With a frame which can be adjusted to  fit different users  body shapes  comfort is asured . A  tough durable pack suited for light to medium loads for Urban search and rescue or land search incidents


 Dual flagging tape dispenser ideal for forestry workers  , surveyors , geologists,  land search teams , fire fighters and USAR teams  keeps tape neat and tidy ready for your  next use. How could you do a line search without one of these?

Dual flagging tape dispenser  holds two colours of tape without mess or tangles  allows tape to spool out , easily attaches to belt or pack

Bio degradable flagging tape (125mm x 25mm )works with  Coaxshers dispenser avalable in red, yellow , pink , orange , blue & white  just the thing for line searchs made from wood celluose which  breaksdown .

Coaxshers water bottle case will fit to the waste band of the FS-1 , SR-1 or Recon  ( via 2 alice clips)  carries a litre   bottle of water or hydrate   , with draw string top to keep dirt leavesor rubble  out  . Also  great  for spray markers , crayons or tools   used at USAR deployments

NEW! Vector wildland fire shirts are made from Tecasafe plus 580. 

Tecasafe Plus 580 is a lightweight fire retardant fabric with excellent moisture wicking characteristics . Nomex Craq - Spun thread is used for all stitching and  melamine buttons and Mil spec Velco are used . UL certified to NFPA 1977 -2011 



New! Vector wildfire pants are made from state of the art Tecasafe Plus  700 fabric . Tecasafe  Plus 700 provides fire protection which will not wash out , excellent comfort and and superior moisture mangement  . Nomex  Craq- spun thread is used with a YKK zipper  , mil spec Velcro and melamine bottons .  A durable  garment with unmatched cut , fit and workmanship . UL  Certified to  NFPA 1977-2011

 Begin with this molle chest harness , get creative and attach any of the 8 molle accessories  make it do  what you want for the job you  want to  do.
Set it  up as a  USAR harness ,  reconfigure for land search then  reconfigure again for  para medic use  300 x 830mm 

  I case is the perfect case to store and protect your I Phone in the front and camera in the back along with any leads or ear phones   made from tough cordura  it attaches to chest plate belt or pack 125 x 87 x 65mm

 The fold down map case store organise and protect  maps ,  I pads , paper work , note pads ,  pens and  ops plans .  A removable clear map sleeve keeps your maps clean and dry . Attaches to the molle chest plate internal and external molle mounting pionts  200 x 300 x 50mm

Ripaway case attaches to either the new  molle vest , the waist belt of your Coaxsher pack or your belt , When you need it rip the case  away , when finished re attach it to the base plate  Just the the ticket for paramedics or  first aid kit 200 x 165 x 90mm

The   small radio / pager case will securely and safely hold your communication device  fits the molle chest plate ,  pack waist band or  belt
125mm x75 x 50mm

The Gadget  case will carry your camera , GPS,  torch , mobile phone  wallet or car keys  . as per the other items it attaches to the  molle harness , pack waist band or belt 150 x 115 x 75mm

 Multi- use case  stores and protects sawyers tools , BLS supplies and what ever else you can  fit into it . Inside are sewn elastic loops and of course it has the 3 attachment options . Exterior molle mounts for stacking
200 x150 x 75mm 
  large utilty case will help you  organise , store and protect  water and hydrate bottles ,sunscreen , mobile phones, snacks  and any other personals you need to get at  in a hurry . can be attached to the molle chest plate , pack waist belt or ordinary belt 225-275 x200 25-75mm

 molle radio holder can be attached to the FS-1 pack , molle chest plate or your belt  adjustable to fit most portable radios or GPS

 Stowable Hip Pouch , rolls  up when you don,t need , let it down when you do  . Holds water bottles ,  hydrate , hose stranglers,  hose fittings spray cans ( USAR) , tools  etc attaches to the molle chest plate , pack waist belt or any normal belt
125 x125 38mm stowed  200 x 125 x 125mm opened